Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm Back and Mostly Funk Free

We got back home last night. I am strangely relaxed and revived and I have to say, I really kind of like it. It's a strange feeling but not one that I'm opposed to feeling more often.

The good news is that in recent months I've put on just enough weight that I don't actually feel the post vacation bloat. So let's hear it for being chubby. You know I just brought down the house with my chubby chub dancing styles. The even better news is that I don't go back to work until Monday and I only go in for four days before I rock another three day weekend.

So I'll probably be back later today to tell you how my best friend's husband's head looks like he was involved in the Chernobyl accident. It's mostly attractive in a flaky kind of way.

BoomTube will be on tonight. 9pm Central, 10 Eastern, 7 Pacific and 8 Mountain.

So you know, later skaters.


Mongoliangirl said...

Just last night Hellbilly said, "Is there anything up from the Boomers lately?" We decided you were still on vacation and mostly funk free. Not really, we think you're amazingly funky. That's a damn fine thing around the Hellbilly Mongo Ranchola.

J said...

So...what time is BoomTube on in Arizona?


PS. Glad you are home. Missed you a LOT!! Skype, anyone?

Blues said...

Today was my last day of work for a month, so I am in heaven right now. Every once in awhile, though, I remember that I'm not getting paid while I'm off and I kinda freak out.