Friday, July 31, 2009

Annabelle, John and The Stranger Walking Around My House

Our vacation started off the way any vacation should.


With plans to meet at the Farmer's Market after Annabelle and John met with Annabelle's cousin, Jason and I left home.


Where my cell phone was.

The phone where Annabelle's number was stored and the phone that Annabelle had the number for.

Long story short, the vacation started off late and with an interesting cab ride that lasted only 5 blocks.

The first evening, we all sat on the deck, enjoying beers and the weather that seemingly blew in from some place way more awesome than Kansas City. Granted, KC is the cat's mother fucking pajamas, but still.

Then Jason's phone rang. He ignored it.

The house phone rang. We ignored that too, you know, probably just people wanting money for that new liver I've put a down payment on.

Then Jason's phone rang again. He looked and saw it was our neighbor. So Jason grabbed John and headed across the street.

When he got there our neighbor was all wide eyed and, "dude, there is some weirdo walking around your house."

John held out his hand and said, "Hi, I'm John."

We left the next day, but we didn't tell our neighbor.

We thought he might drink all of our beer and dance around in Jason's underwear without our yard patroling weirdo.

Okay, I'm lying. Jeez.

He wouldn't dance around in Jason's underwear.

He'd run down the street in mine.


Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

Hahaha! Adding that to my list of things to do in life: *Run down the street in BB's underwear*

Now I just need to actually have a list like that so this comment would be more true.

Is it wrong to start such a list with that?

Captain Steve said...

Clearly your underwear would be the better option.

Gypsy said...

Wow, that dude keeps tabs.

Glad you had a good time. Only slightly more glad you're back because I was lonely.

Anonymous said...

I have this strange urge to yell "THE BOOMS ARE BACK, MOTHER FUCKERS!".


Miss Yvonne said...

Your posts have been confusing me a lot lately. I love that.

P.S. Are you still coming to Dallas? I'm getting my creepy-fat-lady-stalker kit ready for your arrival.

Hockey Girl said...

Yeah...the Booms are back! Loved the show last night. Tell Mr.Booms he did a great job producing! I am still going to be sending you some your mail!