Friday, July 17, 2009

Even When I Can't Write, I Can Still Babble Like A Monkey. Babblin' Monkey

UPDATED: 9PM Central, 10 Eastern, 7 Pacific, 8 Mountain

So it's that time again.

Join Jason and me tonight for BoomTube Live. Sign-up for a USTREAM account so you can chat with us live on the air.

Things you could learn about:

USTREAM Gang Wars, it's on!
My irrational fears
Dry sponges
and more!

Also? I might delve into the great Teen Wolf topic.

At the very least, I promise I'll look like a total tool.

And don't forget to tune into Skankelodeon directly afterwards. I've linked it over on the side.

Of course, Droppin' The Boom will be on Saturday night as well. Info on the side again!


Anonymous said...


Gwen said...

Wait...what time? I don't want to miss this. Same time as last week?

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

Why does it say you posted this at 4 AM? That concerns me.

Hockey Girl said...

ahhh I missed last nights episode. It only archived last weeks episode. How do I watch last night's?