Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm Pretty Sure Billy Idol Knows Who I Am And Probably Thinks I'm Awesome

Sometimes when you profess your love for air-punching gods you get noticed. My righteousness is now a part of Billy Idol's history.

Billy? I'll be expecting a phone call.

And a signed picture.

Oh and lessons in air-punching.

I know this isn't a real post, but I'm sitting at home with a sick kid, watching the other guy who calls me his muse, Bruce Campbell, waiting for Joaquin Phoenix to call and tell me that he wrote the best hip-hop song that a hairy white-guy who has no business even saying the words hip and hop in the same breath has ever written and it is about me. And probably buying whole foods in bulk and firing his housekeeper because what else would he write about? Except maybe being a train jumping, breakdancing hobo. He's totally got that going for him.

My musiness knows no bounds.

Also? My kid has wiped his nose on every flat surface of the house this morning. So you know, I have that going for me.


mongoliangirl said...

Oh, I'm sure Billy Idol knows who you are. If he doesn't, he should be ashamed of himself. And shanked.

for a different kind of girl said...

Why the hell am I not surprised we share an affinity for Bruce Campbell?! Why the hell did I not just assume as much from days gone by?!

Rassles said...

I was under the impression that you taught Billy Idol everything he knows. Because it is impossible not to catch the Waves Of Awesome you emit with your soul. And when Idols caught the scent of the Waves of Awesome, he sniffed the air, punched it, and said with a sneer, "These waves are mine."

Yeah. I just wrote that.

Betsey Booms said...

You didn't so much write that, Rassles, as much as you spun magic threads of awesomeness to create a beautifully crocheted surfboard/van on which to ride waves of awesomeness.

Miss Yvonne said...

Maybe Billy will be so inspired by your awesomeness, he'll go back on tour and have air-punch backup dancers and you will totally choreograph their sweet dance moves.

Sarah said...

You've created a temple of awesomeness with the likenesses of Bruce Campbell and Billy Idol carved on the outside. Dude, you rock.

Gwen said...

Didn't Billy Idol write Rebel Yell about you?

Brandy Rose said...

Air punching is an art.

Johnny B. Truant said...

Holy shit that guy needs to update that site if he's posting stuff from 3/19/08. Or maybe he's just showing how punk rock he is by ignoring proper syntax.

BTW, I have this theory on how he knew you posted about him and need to rip you off and try it out ASAP.