Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Crazyman Jones Gets Slapped In The Face... Heartache Ensues

Today my son came home from daycare with a big handprint on his face. And I knew he would.

I got an email at 3:00 in the afternoon saying that the accident happened. And in my heart, I truly know it was an accident. I know that truly she was playing airplane with the kids and that my son, without looking, ran into her hand. I know this.

I know this because when I speak with this woman I connect with her. I see her beautiful son and daughter and I know she is kind and not angry. I can sense her spirit. I know how happy my son is to go there every single day. He loves being there, he never cries when I drop him off. She welcomes me to come by at any time and with today's incident she filled out a report that she is filing with the state.

I went to school with her husband and most of the other parents that take their kids there. Her house is meticulous and clean. She bakes cookies for the holidays and serves my son homemade food every day. He is loved there and cared for.

But I ask you, if you picked up your child from daycare and he had a handprint on his face. What feelings would course through your body?

Because I can tell you... Regardless of what I know in my heart, my foot thought long and hard about meeting with her ass.


Heather, Queen of Shake Shake said...

I think that's a natural instinct, feeling that way.

Miss Merry Sunshine said...

You just gotta go with your gut. If you truely see she is torn up about it and more importantly your son seems normal then it probably was an accident. It's hard though isn't it? Your first instinct is to kick someone's ass and ask questions later!

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

I would say if she files a report with the state, you have NOTHING to worry about. If she is willing to do that, it tells me without a doubt that it was an accident and she does indeed feel horrible.

I dislocated a little girl's shoulder once a few years back. It was this couple I just met at a party and their daughter was with them. We bonded immediately and I was flipping her around the same way I do with Char. Yeah, I straight dislocated her shoulder. I felt fucking terrible.

Actually, I think I was drunk...

They really shouldn't have been letting a drunk person play with their 4 year old. Just sayin!

Anonymous said...

I'd strongly feel like leaving a handprint on her face and hope that her daughter felt it.

...Out of the strong desire and need to protect my son.

Would I?? No. Does this make me want to smack children? No.

There's a difference in feeling/thinking something and actually reacting to those thoughts/feelings.

It's called tact.

Check with your hubby to see if he agrees. ;)

Amy Prather said...

Good GRIEF! I would trust my gut too... but I think I am with DPH. If she's going to file... probably okay... but I'd be on the lookout!

Kat said...

Yeah... fuck. That's a hard one. I don't think my kid's daycare people would ever intentionally hurt him, but damn if I wouldn't start squinting sideways at them after a hand print on the face.

Sarah said...

The thing is, you never know. It's scary - you trust the people who look after your kids so much. But you never know and your kids are vulnerable. Especially if they don't have much language or ability to express themselves. I'd say file it away. It's probably an accident. But if more "accidents" happen, be wary.

Philly said...

You got an email. I would of def called.


Philly said...

You got an email. I would of def called.


I am Trish Marie said...

I guess it all depends on the feeling you get after it. If her story sits right with you and she is taking the appropriate measures, then you are probably good. Without going into to many details, because, well, there is no need for me to share them all. Jill stayed with my mom's neighbor. A woman licensed to watch children, who came highly recommended. There was an incident in which she gave me a story that just never quite sat right. A few weeks later, Jill finally came out with the whole story. One that was quite shocking. The point is, trust your instincts on this one. If something doesn't sit right, then listen to that.

Pam said...

Oh- that sucks! Of course you feel like kicking her ass- that is the momma bear instinct. It means you are a good mommy and your desire to protect your children runs strong. But, as you said- you do think it was an accident and you feel like your boy is well cared for (minus this incident). Keep an eye on it, don't ignore it if you feel things are not working for you there anymore, but it is okay if you feel like it still works and he is safe there. You're the momma- you know best.

If it helps any- I could go to her house and throw up all over her house. Mine needs a break from off the nasty anyway.

Rassles said...

So in first grade I taught a friend how to get out on the roof of her house by kicking out a storm window, and during the subsequent verbal reprimanding I said to her mother, "Mrs. Carlson, chill out. Stop being a bastard." I don't even think she thought about it, she just slapped me. Then my mom was all set to kill poor Mrs. Carlson, who called her immediately, and once my mom found out what I did I got goddamn slapped again.

Apparently, Mrs. Carlson was, in fact, a bastard.

Gwen said...

Heartache - check.

Daycare issues... I always go with my gut. It's never wrong. However, my kids have been at the receiving end of a long list of CRAP that just doesn't ever sit well regardless of the circumstances. Like bite marks from vampire children (explanation: kids bite). And the most recent "touching" debacle....

Anyway, she's taking care of the situation and you trust her - I'd say you're good. I'd still want to boot her too.

Bree said...

"Her house is meticulous and clean. She bakes cookies for the holidays "

Well, then, she couldn't have possibly hit your son.

Betsey Booms said...

Hey Bree,

Thanks for your super insightful comment.

I'm glad then while trying to paint a picture of this woman's attributes I could help you be her judge and jury.

Please feel free to come back and spread your sunshine more often.

You're a keeper! ;)