Friday, September 5, 2008

Looks like we have the next Pam Anderson here...

Hey everyone! It's J. I know BB doesn't usually blog on the weekends, but I wanted to pop over here for a second to let you all know how she is doing.

I just talked to her and she sounds great. She said she isn't in too much pain, the doctors hooked her up big time with the pain meds! (I will let her tell you all about it when she gets back.)

She also said they are insanely swollen, which is to be expected. This morning she did get out to the store before her appointment to see the doctor, but I am guessing Jason is doing all the driving considering the pain meds she is on and the fact that she can't raise her arms very much!
The doctor said she looks great, and is healing really well.

All in all, BB is great, enjoying her new boobies and relaxing at the house this weekend.

I will be back here Monday, and then I believe Kara will be here Tuesday and Allie Wednesday. (Unless BB gets back here sooner, she said maybe Wednesday.)

Lotsa Love,


Kellie said...

Horray for pain meds!!

I'm DYING to see the new rack!! Of course, once I see it, I know I'll want to get one for myself ;)

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

J, you forgot to tell everyone how fucking rad her new rack looks. We saw pics.