Sunday, September 7, 2008

Everyone! Quick! Touch Your Boobs!

Hey everyone, it's J, here to fill in for Betsey Booms!

I thought since I am here today due to BB's new ta-ta's, I would keep with a 'breast' theme.

Though, this one isn't as fun as new fake boobies. It's actually a very serious subject. It's about IBC, Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

Inflammatory breast cancer is an especially aggressive type of breast cancer that can occur in women of any age (and, although extremely rarely, in men). It is unique because it often does not present with a lump and therefore often is not detected by mammography or ultrasound.
Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) causes changes in the nipple and the surrounding areas. Invasion of the local lymphatic ducts impairs drainage and causes edematous swelling of the breast. Because the skin of the breast is tethered by the suspensory ligament of Cooper, the accumulation of fluid causes the skin of the breast to assume a dimpled appearance reminiscent of the peel of an orange. Other symptoms include rapid increase in breast size, redness, persistent itching, skin hot to the touch. IBC often initially resembles mastitis, and is sometimes misdiagnosed as an insect bite.

One of my good friends sent me this video, and I hope you all watch it.

I was going to post about when I got my nipples pierced...... but yeah, I thought this was more important.

I did, yes, get needles stabbed into my nipples and put rings through them. They were hot. :)


Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

Hey, thanks for depressing me.

J said...

Hey now, I didn't mean to get depressing! I just wanted to share it so that everyone would know about it. It's important, whore.

J said...

Maybe I should have gone with nipple piercing though, huh?

Lara said...

Oh wow. That's definitely important. I had never heard of it either. The part about the young girl who died because she was embarrassed to tell anyone that her breast looked strange... so sad.

Of course, pierced nipples are great too. (at least I like mine... hehe) So maybe a little more about that too. Just for balance, of course.

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

You know what else is a silent killer? A dumb person (like someone who actually can't speak) with no limbs, coming into your home to lay it's limbless body across your face until all of your air is gone. Yeah.

Kat said...

I, for one, appreciate this, cuz I had no idea about the orange peel thing and have two immediate family members who had breast cancer, so that scares the shit outta me.

But can you please post about the piercing thing too?

Allie Bear said...

Maybe I'll post about my nipple piercings since you already covered the breast cancer topic.

Betsey Booms said...

BB is doing great, so hopefully I will be touching boobs too!!!!

Lisa..... said...

Only 1-6% of breast cancers are IBC. It's rare, has a worse prognosis and is more common in African American women.

A self breast exam should include looking at the areola, the nipples and looking in a mirror for symmetry. When looking in the mirror, raise your arms and look with them down. Look for dimpling, inverted nipples, etc.