Thursday, July 10, 2008

The One About How My Blog World Met My Real Life

Monkeygirl leaves for NY tomorrow morning, bright and early. As a result, she has been here at work with me all day. Why, you might ask? Or you might not, some of you can be real assholes. Anyway, her dad has half a brain and although he moved to KC to be near his daughter, he pretty much moved the farthest away he possibly could while still being considered as living here.


So she came to work with me because my office is kind of a half-way point and he could easily swing by to pick her up when he gets off work. You know, instead of drving the 2-hour round trip to get her tonight only to get on a plane at 6:15 in the morning.

I'm one crazy nice bitch. Our divorce decree says something distinctly different. Well the bitch part is in there but he keeps protesting the crazy nice part. Oh, he actually does agree with the crazy, the nice is where he complains.

My daughter is such a nut that she actually wanted lunch. I know, right? Like I should keep feeding her even though I've fed her for the last 9-years. So I take her to that mecca of nasty that kids love. Where you can get a crappy meal and ogled by crack heads and constuction workers alike in the mid-day hours.

As I'm kind of stuck in crappy KC traffic I look over and notice this bad ass El Camino. It catches my eye you see because I just read this blog entry about a car that looked just like it the other day. I look over again and notice the guy driving it is actually the guy in the picture on the blog too and sitting next to him is the cute little thing that actually writes the blog

It was bound to happen eventually, KC is only so big. I would NEVER have noticed them if I had not just ogled their car a mere ONE day before in her blog entry. I was going to roll down the window and wave but that seemed so complicated to explain in traffic and a little woohoo, blonde psycho-stalker or some shit.

So there you have it. World's have collided.


Robyn said...

That? Is awesome!

I live in utter fear of my worlds colliding (hence the psuedonym).

Trouble said...

YOu totally should have. I don't know if I've ever mentioned that one of my best girl friends, with whom I share a particular blog, is a girl I met through blogging.

And she is AWESOME cool.

Captain Steve said...

You should have waved and jumped around and pointed to yourself like a moron, because then they'd have something to share at the dinner table. "This crazy blonde chick started waving and pointing. . . honey, I think we need new locks on the doors." It would have been awesome.

I am Trish Marie said...

Too funny!

Jill just flew into KC yesterday to spend three weeks with her dad. If you see a really hyper little blonde child running around KC in a Hannah Montana shirt with her father trailing behind looking like he is lost (he is known for that look), that is probably my kid!

Karen said...

That is too funny! I am working at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, waayyy out in the middle of nowhere. One day at the entrance station, after I sold a lady her pass, she says, "Excuse me, but are you the FabGrandma?" I was embarassed at first, but she said she reads my blog all the time and loves it. Then I felt famous. I'll bet the girl who wrote that blog would have felt the same way.