Friday, July 11, 2008

In Her Absense

Hello all. My wife and her bbf Jill suggested I post her today. So instead of the quirky and witty Betsey today you will get Mr. Booms instead.

First of all, I am not a writer. I am an accountant by nature and by trade. I took the minimum required classes in both high school and college for English. I hated it. I still don't like to read. I figure numbers are what I am good at so I should just stick to it.

I am not really even sure what to blog about. I guess I will tell you about a recent purchase I have made which turned out to be the biggest nightmare ever. I used to play records. Meaning I used to be a house DJ in my younger days. Recently my wife, the sweet and beautiful Betsey, told me I should get turntables again. It seemed like a silly purchase being that turntables are about $500 a piece and you still have to buy other equipment to accompany them. I mean when you have kids you just think about them first and how much $1000 will go towards the household. Nope, she said, they will do you good. After thinking about for over a week I finally decided to go a head and make the purchase. You know, to help with stress relief and my mental health. lol

So, 9 weeks ago I purchased two turntables, a mixer, slipmats and some record cleaner from DJ PRO AUDIO in New york. I wrote it big in the hope that someone doing a search on them will find this and see what a cluster fuck of a business they are. Ok, so 9 weeks ago... I place the order and receive an e-mail. "It will take a week to get the tables to you but we will ship everything else out to you." Ok, fine I said. Two weeks go by and I received nothing. So I e-mail them to see what is going on with my order. "Sorry sir but we are still waiting. They will ship in a couple of days but we will ship everything else out to you." To make a long story short, this happens about six or seven more times before I finally get really pissed. I am not the kind of customer that will just take shit laying down. So after about six weeks of waiting I demand a refund or the goods. I called, no shit, probably 12 times in one day until I got a hold of the CEO and let him have it. I also reported DJ PRO AUDIO to the BBB. And that is being nice for me. Ask my wife, you really don't want to piss me off.

So last Friday I receive the package. One turntable in there. WTF right! So I call them again. Closed for the weekend those bastards. So this Tuesday I finally get the mixer. Where is the other f'n turntable? Finally it shows up today. How the hell does it take nine weeks to get something in the mail you ordered! Total BS. So tonight and this weekend I finally get to play records for the first time in three years. I am pretty excited and feel bad kind for my wife.

Let everyone you know that DJ PRO AUDIO and 1200' are a complete shell of a business and do not know what the hell they are doing.

You know, I feel better. I see why all of you do this know. Thanks for listening to me rant, if you are still reading and I haven't lost you yet.

I am off to tie one on and throw down some tunes. HAve a great weekend.


Allie Bear said...

Have fun and tell Betsey to post some pics of you "spinning." Isn't that what you kids call it? LOL

Sarah said...

Throw on some The Cure and Depeche Mode for Betsey. But I'm sure you already have! For me? Early Talking Heads or Joy Division.

Kat said...

Hey Mr. Booms! Pictures would be awesome!!!

Pam said...

You did a great job for never blogging before Mr. Booms!

vivian said...

you have such a great wife!! she totally *knows* and loves you, and wants you to spin some man.

good job blogging.


Immoral Matriarch said...

Ahhh I would have ended up with that shit for free. LOL. I'm totally insufferable.

Glad you finally got it - and good job picking up the slack for Lazy Booms! Get your ass back on the internet Bet!

Anonymous said...

This right here is another reason people can suck. Glad you finally got all yorur goods--have a party and invite all of us to it :)