Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Join Me Please

Anyone who followed me here from my beloved Crazy Man Jones will know exactly why I'm darn near bawling like a baby right now.

Why I'm so upset, I can't see straight.

They will know why this is such a huge, stinking deal it hurts to think about.

My baby sitter?

Just gave her two-weeks.

I'm going to go throw up now.


Tattooed Mama said...

oh. my. god. whyyyyyyy? why you? sheesh!

That Chick Over There said...

Oh Jesus! I'm sorry honey!

Pam said...

seriously?? Geez! You do not have luck with the sitters- I am so sorry! I hope you find one even better!

Anonymous said...

The hell?! Why? Is her foot falling off? Is she donating a kidney? Is she dead? Those are the only damn reasons that would be close to acceptable.

If you lived HERE and not THERE, I'd take care of your kids. For free, even. Well, okay, let's not get crazy. Maybe not free free...but somewhat free. You pay me in cake, booze and shoes with a Target gift card thrown in here and there.

Holy crap. I'll shut up now. I'm sorry. Sorry she's being a tool.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! I'm sick for you.

I'm wanting a new job which means we'll have to put Aidan in daycare or hire a babysitter.

I dread it. Especially after reading all of your horror stories!

Immoral Matriarch said...

I don't access to that blog, but I'm so very sorry. :(

bluetissuebox said...

I've offered my services lots and lots, so what if you'd have to leave the house a little earlier to get him here?! :P Sorry chica!

Robyn said...

Holy crap -- I'd be freaking out. I can't believe she only gave 2 weeks. Can you sweet-talk her into staying until you find something else for crazy man?

Jan-o-rama said...

Dude it's in the water. My chick just did the same thing. Screwing me for 2 weeks before school starts. I feel your pain!