Friday, July 25, 2008

I Love Him

I really do and you have to know it's true because over the last 12 hours my husband has said the following to me:

After he went shopping with me at Target for the baby shower gifts for a co-worker:

Betsey: Do you think I did okay? I mean are they nice gifts?

Mr. Booms: Well you certainly spent enough time standing there thinking about it. It should be.

This morning while we're getting ready for work:

Betsey: You know, I hate how this shirt stops right at the place where my thighs are the fattest. It makes them look bigger.

Mr Booms: Just looks at me and nods in agreement ponders it for a second and then says "Is that a maternity shirt?"

Betsey (throws dirty look): You know? I know they DON"T teach you guys a class but really shouldn't it just be common sense and survival instinct that would say "Never look at your NOT pregnant wife and ask if it's a maternity shirt".

Mr. Booms: Oh come on you wear maternity shirts all the time.

Betsey: Um no

Mr. Booms: The black flowy one?

Betsey: No.

Mr. Booms: Oh.

There was also some discussion over his baseball jersey he wanted to wear today and couldn't find. My laundering skills were brought into question (rightfully so)... In the end, he had put it in a closet downstairs and forgot about it.

I love him.

I think we then discussed who was the bigger asshole AND THEN? He was awesome and took Crazyman to daycare for me since I was running late after all of that.


Captain Steve said...

Oooohhhh. He is a very very lucky man. I'm scared for him.

J said...

Oh geez. Men don't think very often, do they?

Briana said...

Ouch. Yesterday, after dinner, my boyfriend looked at me and said,"I don't like your entire outfit." Men=stupid.

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

WOW, I think I would have bitch slapped him for the maternity shirt statement...ouch!

Betsey Booms said...

Capt. Steve - Really? Me telling him he was a jerk and blogging about it is the worst of my wrath on this one. LOL

He's probably going to be mad at me.

J - In general? Probably not.

Briana - Yeah - what your boyfriend said is Super Stupid.

DPH - I could have bitch slapped him, but he more than likely would have liked.

Ah, he's not bad... He's super sweet... he just should take the word "maternity" out of his vocabulary now that we are done having kids.

Anonymous said...

You guys are like peas and carrots, but I would have back handed him over the maternity shirt. Guys have no brains sometimes!

Pam said...

Oh yeah, my marriage is a bit of the back and forth on who is the ass. I figure it all evens out by the end of the day......

Anonymous said...

I think all of you are being hard on the guy. lol

Immoral Matriarch said...

LOL! I agree with anonymous. :P

craftyminx said...

haha Oh boys... they are dumb.

Your American Idol! said...

No, see, he just mixed up his words. When he said "maternity" he really meant "that totally hot looking shirt that enhances your beauty and elevates my love for you to the highest level."

It was just a malapropism, or whatever they call it, when you simply use the wrong word. The absolute wrong word.

That Chick Over There said...

Eh. He sounds pretty normal to me.

We'll all tell you how hot you are.

See. Problem solved! I'm a forward thinker.

KaritaG said...

they are just brutally honest...and have no sense of style...which leads to situations like you just described! ah well, I mean, I tell my husband constantly he can't wear stuff (because it doesn't actually MATCH, but that's another story) so I figure it evens out...

Kat said...

Ya know... after 4 years of marriage to mine, I'm starting to see the humor in his idiocy...sometimes... it helps a lot that he's very tolerant of my brand of bitchiness. It also helps a lot that he's learning to lie.

Maggie, Dammit said...

I don't let my husband speak to me. He must communicate through the children. That way I can blame all misunderstandings on them, tie them up, and flog them. Sure, it might be child abuse, but my marriage is strong.

I may or may not have just made that up.

Lara said...

My hubby has learned to shut up about outfits he doesn't like on me. However he will point out when I wear something he DOES like.

He recently told me "Now that outfit looks good on you."

I replied "as opposed to which other outfits that don't?"

He got mad that I couldn't just take a compliment. To him, what he said is just the same as if he had said "Wow, that outfit looks great on you."

Men don't understand that women listen, not only to every word, but also to which word is emphasized.

We've gotta stop listening to every word. You know... be more like them. And nod, cluelessly, pretending to have heard what was just said.