Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Day At Home

Late in the day on Monday, Crazyman's sitter called.

That's never a good sign. I answered the phone less than enthusiastically.

He woke up from his nap with a fever.

Of course he did. Why wouldn't he?

So I spent the day at home yesterday with the kids, going slowly insane.

The air conditioner in our house is a solid piece of shit. So it was almost 90 in there as I did 6 loads of laundry,taught myself to use a sewing machine, made curtains, packed Monkey girl for camp and chased around one crabby beast child.

I slept soundly last night, in a room that was roughly the temperature of Hell.

Also, we ran out of infant ibuprofen sometime around 8:00 AM... BUT! My geniusness finally paid off.

I knew it would eventually.

I had every intention of packing up hell beast and running to the store to get more but then, it hit me. I had thrown all those little bottles that had just a smidgen left in my night stand.

You know, that little bit in the bottom that the syringe won't pull up? So I took all the bottles and married them and VOILA! I had two more doses of fever reducing, evil bear taming goodness in a bottle. WOOHOO for me.

I also did all of this while wearing red lipstick because I have this dilemma. I love the way red lipstick looks...

On everyone but me.

My husband says I'm a weirdass. That I am, but seriously, I feel weird in it. So I decided since I was home yesterday I'd give it a whirl. Now you have to tell me if I can pull it off or if I look well, weird:

Oh and ignore the streaks that apparently are only visible when my flash hits the mirror. Disgusting:

Hubs has been making all these delicious meals lately. He really works hard to come up with new things all the time and he's really an awesome cook. So I just had to show you his bad ass herb garden that he pulls from constantly. Yum:

Last year I bought these stars, really cheap on line. They were ten bucks for all three but they were this weird red and black speckled thing. Yuck. So hubs hit them with a can of Krylon and now mama's happy:

And how kick ass and full is this basket?

I promise pics of the cupcake curtains as soon as I get the curtain rod up.


craftyminx said...

I honestly can't remember if I thanked you for your very nice comment or not. It's been a crazy week, but thanks!! And I LOVE your hair as well, very cute. There should be a bangs club haha. BTW I have tagged you on my blog for a meme. -d

Jan-o-riffic said...

You could wear green lipstick and make it look good! Hope little man feels better!

Anonymous said...

Red is the best, there are a bizillion shades to choose from though. You'll get used to it and love it, as have I. I want to see those curtains!

Captain Steve said...

I like the red lipstick, though I also think it looks good on everyone but me.