Monday, June 2, 2008

So Glad I'm Married

This is going to be long and with lots of pictures.

Like winning the lottery or some junk, right?

So let's start with the beginning of my weekend. Friday I took the day off and ran errands and crud with the kidlets. We started with getting library cards (painful). I hadn't gotten library cards for our library close to our house since we moved. It was over due, much like most of my books will probably be. My whole summary of that experience looks something like this...

Retired Old Bat + New Fangled Computer + Extremely Loud Redneck in line ahead of me = Get me the Fuck out of here.

Then we went to lunch with the hubs where I inhaled the most rad cheeseburger ever.

Yeah, you aren't taking this girls meat away any time soon.

And then a trip to Target to spend way too much money on all the necessary bath items that ALWAYS run out all at once. What the hell?

Something I didn't tell you all on Thursday is that my sister's boyfriend messaged me through MySpace to show me my sister's ring.

Yes ring, he proposed on Friday and I was the first to know! Hell yeah.

Friday was also her last night at the restaurant she tended bar in. So I made my hubs take me up there for appetizers and drinks so I could gaze at her "not engaged" self one last time. I knew it was coming that night. She thought I was a total dork that just wanted to see her on her last day.

So Haley (my sis) and Kurt (the new bro-in-law-to-be) came over after the big proposal. Where they walked up onto our deck to find this:

My hubs had Journey cranking too, because it's my sisters favorite and he is a total goof too. By the way, the whole set-up was his idea and here he is being happy about his loveable brain child:

Here is my sis and her man, McD's in hand, looking shocked and totally amused at our dorkiness when they came up the stairs:

They thought we were total dipshits. But deep down I know they appreciated our love.

Why? Because this is who they are:

I also tried like hell to get a cute shot of me and the hubs for our MySpace page, but unfortunately with all the celebrating, we looked like this:

And? I thought this would be cute:

Um yeah, nice drunk girl style there, Bets.

So I stayed up way too late with them and then crashed. Saturday we had big plans, Jason and I, to go out that night. And we managed to fit about 3 nights out into one.

Crazyman went to his new weekend sitter and stayed the night. Which was totally weird for me, but it worked out awesomely.

We had a late lunch after we took naps that day (because we are so fucking old) so we didn't do dinner. Instead, we went to a piano bar, where I was supposed to meet up with a Bachelorette party for a bit later.

And I found out that "piano-bar" means "the whitest" experience I will ever have. Oh but the lameness was so awesomely amusing.

We also ran into our financial planner who spilled beer everywhere and then laughed while pointing at his beer and exclaimed "here's what I'm doing with your money."

Nice style, bub.

Eventually the bachelorette and crew showed up and they had obviously been partying for awhile... Oh how my hubs laughed and I tried a little crowd control... To no avail:

And that was okay, because they were hysterically funny. All the way up until the moment they got kicked out of the bar.
And here is my hubs being an awesome sport and having a great time:

Then? We went to a club where our rad friend, Pat, was spinning records:

I promise he's rad, even with that face he's making.

I spent two hours drinking water there, while inhaling everyone else's smoke. Because I rock like that. But during that two hours one of our local Roller Derby girlies came in. That? Excited me to no end. She made me promise I'd come try out. How funny would that shit be?

Yeah, right. My fat-ass on skates. Emergency room, anyone?

Also, I was surrounded by the sweetest gay boys asking me if my hair was real and if they could touch it. Seriously? My answer? Real bleached. They just wanted to know it wasn't a wig. Great.

And one really funny guy who told me I was beautiful and then I pointed out my husband and he said he was extremely lucky and that he was now stepping away from before my husband beat him up. That? Made me laugh and I made him talk to my husband because they both like to cook.

I'm just weird like that.

Yeah... This was long and unnecessary...

Anyway... In one weekend I went from an engagement, to a bachelorette party, to the singles scene. Sunday as my hubs and I got up and went to breakfast and then casually strolled down the little Main Street of the neighboring town to look at vintage cars - I looked at my hubs and silly little man dancing in his stroller to the Elvis blaring in the streets and I thought -

Thank God I'm on the right side of all that craziness and now I'm reaping the benefits.

Next weekend we're invited to two wedding. Lord help me.


rubyredruca said...

Wow, you did have a CRAZY weekend. Your hair is too pretty for roller derby, babe. You should totally go for it though! That's bad ass!

I am Trish Marie said...

Geez. I need a nap after reading that.

Jill had her birthday party, and then we did a whole lot of nothing. It was fantastic. I loved it.

Immoral Matriarch said...

Glad you guys had a good weekend - I'm so jealous! The highlight of mine was going to see SATC and I didn't even get to do it. LOL

Jan-o-riffic said...

What fun! I'm glad you came through it all with a smile!

Maggie, Dammit said...

This is just so very, very cute.

And I think that picture of the two of you IS good. So good.

And I think you would make a very fine roller girl.

SinlessTouch said...

what a wonderful bachelorette party! I hope you had a blast at all the gatherings you went to :)