Friday, May 9, 2008

The Glamourous Life, Kids...

There was a lice scare at the baby-sitters house. The kid didn't have any bugs on his head. And even though that was the case, my skin crawled all day yesterday.

So we slathered his head with mayo to prevent anything from attaching, just in case. And since I couldn't bring myself to smear mayo in 4-inches of blond curls, he got a new big boy hair cut.

Which left him feeling frisky, just like the dog after she gets a haircut. The dog enjoyed herself as she got to run around next to him all day and lick his mayo head.

In better news, I got my mother's day gift a little early and my hubby got me my much coveted Jessie Steele apron:

And because Crazyman took a two and a half hour long nap yesterday, I got bored and decided to click some cutesy shots for my hub's desk... The poor man.

And because the glamour of being a mother never ends, today I'm taking Monkey girl to the doctor for an ingrown toenail.

You know you're jealous of my life of bugs and pus filled toes.


KaritaG said...

Your kids are so adorable. I know I've said this before, but I just want to come kidnap your hair, it's so freaking perfect. I love it! Glad there were no bugs and you don't have to cover everyone's head in mayo!

rubyredruca said...

Your hair is gorgeous! I never thought I would covet blond hair, until I saw yours. And your little boy looks so cute. I was going to recommend mayo after reading the first line of your post, but you've already heard about it. There were TWO crazy scares at my younger sisters school, and they were slathered in mayo all weekend. I think there may have been some vinegar too, but your little boy looks too little for that. I love your apron, I want one! And hubby better appreciate those hot pics!
*kisses* j/k

Janis said...

Damn you're fine! You little man is so cute! I've never heard of the mayo trick before. I have heard about using it as a deep conditioner, but never for lice. It's a 2 for one!

The Immoral Matriarch said...

You suck so hard. I wanna be hot.


Trouble said...

Bitch, how do you get your hair to look this good?