Monday, May 12, 2008

Being A Mom Rocks A Little Bit

Plans to go to the baseball came were quickly dashed when we woke up and the windchill was 35 degrees. Already having a case of the snotty noses we decided to do something else.

Dinosaur themed, over-the-top family restaurant and a little shopping instead.

At the restaurant where we had over-priced, mediocre food, I was blessed with this:

They had the best time. Crazyman's head was on a swivel, taking in all the dinosaur fun and Monkey girl must have uttered the words "this is so cool" at least 10 times.

My husband then patiently shopped with me and encouraged me to get clothes that I didn't need.

He's just awesome like that.

And because the awesome doesn't fall far from the awesome tree, Crazyman got these pj's:

And PS... My new shoes were just delivered so expect pics soon.


rubyredruca said...

Alright, new shoes! Are you a hair stylist, or do you just have the gift to do hair? I can straighten my naturally straight hair, and that's about it! Cute pj's. My little boy picks out his own every night and will NOT negotiate. Sounds like you had a great mommy's day, can't wait to see the shoe pics, seeing how I'm a shoe whore and all...

Janis said...

I can't wait for the SHOES! Your kids are so cute- I can't imagine a dinosaur themed restaurant. I hope they served alcohol!