Thursday, May 15, 2008

Are You Ready For Some Random?

I've got nothing cohesive today so I've decided to go with just random shit floating around in my head.

Aren't you a lucky bunch?

* Lately I've noticed I'm getting stared at alot. It's almost always by women and it really pisses me off. I can't help that I'm fucking awesome and it takes you by surprise. You can help that you're a rude bitch though. Seriously.

* This morning the hubs and I stopped to get beverages on the way to work. One of those rude bitches stared at me the entire time. At one point, she was so busy staring she didn't realize that she was directly in my way. It's wrong how happy it made me to look her in the eye and say "EXCUUUUSE ME". She moved quickly and didn't stare again.


* Jason and I had an experience with this lady that we named the "excuse me" lady. We were eyeing the breakfast sandwiches at the gas station, which we did not get, but we were standing there first and this older lady decided she MUST walk in front of Jason. She said excuse me, walked around to the other side and then, came right back through again, muttering excuse me. She apparently needed a very wide area to get through and how dare we look at those damn sandwiches when she was trying to decide between and eggroll and a corndog at 7:30 in the morning.

* My hubs informed me that I talk alot in the morning. I chattered at him all the way to work this morning. Mostly about how crabby people look as they are driving to work and how our government is run by douchebags. As I said this a grumpy looking dude drove by in a car with US Government plates. I said "There goes a douchebag now". He didn't even flinch and muttered "cock sucker". I looked at him and said "Did you just say cock sucker". He laughed and said yes.

That's why I love him. Because that's funny to me. I'm a douchebag like that.

* We are leaving at Noon today to go to a baseball game. That is why we drove together. There nothing interesting about that other than it is a random fact about what I'm doing today. Oh and I get to eat a bunch of nasty and sodium known as a ballpark dog for lunch. Yummmm.

* And today also happens to be the coldest day we will have the entire week. Doesn't that just freaking rock?

So that's pretty much it. A whole lot of nothing for your Thursday.

Give me a break, I drank too much beer last night.


Anonymous said...

They probably can't help but stare at your gorgeous-ness and that lovely hair. I wish I could bleach my hair and it not took like hay.

Janis said...

Women stare at me, I think they're afraid I'm going to rob them or something. When they do I blow them a kiss. Once I asked a woman if she wanted an autograph.

I hope you didn't freeze to death at the game!

Satan said...

Your hair is by far so hot! I am a hair stylist and I must say I lover your hair to death! Platinum blondes are da bomb!