Monday, April 7, 2008

Ham Sandwich

Saturday in the car on the way to drop Marley at her dad's house:

Marley: Hey mom, what do you think the toothfairy will leave me this weekend? You know since I lost a molar?

Me: A ham sandwich.

Mar: What? I don't want a ham sandwich.

Jason: Well I'm sure she could give you a peanut butter and jelly instead.

Me: Of course she can, she's the toothfairy. That shouldn't be a problem.

Mar: But I don't want a sandwich.

Me: Sure you do, molars are the sandwich tooth. That's what you get.

Mar: Arrrgh, she's not going to give me a ham sandwich.

Sunday, Mar comes home from her dad's house and anxiously pounds down the hall to find what the toothfair left. I hear tissue paper tearing and then frantic giggles.

She comes running out to the living room, giggling like a goof the whole way:

Mar: I can't wait to tell this.

I know. I really shouldn't be allowed to be a parent.


Baby N's Mom said...

You ARE going to hell. LOL! Hope the game was fun.

Trouble said...

actually? I think that's pretty awesome.

I am Trish Marie said...

OH MY GOD! You are my hero!

3XMom said...

lol..that is awesome!!!

Kat said...

That is HILarious. I think the laughing signals that she's not permanently damaged.