Friday, June 19, 2009

UPDATED: New Design, And I'm Mostly Awesome, Oh and I'm Giving a Design Away

I launched a new design today. Take a careful look at this blog.

As I mentioned in this week's BoomTube, the opportunity to win a free blog design is coming up.

Within the Petite Gamine design is some strategically placed nookie. If you can find it, you can win one of two free blog designs we are giving away.

Each one of us is giving away one design. Leave a comment on her blog and/or my blog with the location of the Sexual Chocolate Egg we've hidden. If several people find it, then we will draw numbers to see who wins.

Blogger wins a design. Wordpress wins a header.

Good luck! And happy hunting!


Elle Himitsu said...

I love that new design! I can't wait till PG goes public.

Suz said...
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Petite G. said...

You might want to think about giving up your day job as the office slut now.

Jay Ferris said...
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Shawna said...

I totally love your designs. The only nookie I saw in the design was the couple getting it on in the left side bar but it couldn't be that easy so I must have missed it.

The Gonzo Mama said...

I must be a completely blind loser, because the only thing I can see is the dark couple to the left of the header. It's like an eye magnet.

I tried to look for something in the header, but my eyes went all fuzzy. Meh.

Wonderful design, by the way!