Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm Right There In The Dork Hole With You

Hold on for a minute while I dork out on you. If you know Jason and I in real life, then you know what amazing dorks we really are. We take dorking out to a new level. The really good news in my life is that my husband and I have souls that are wrapped firmly around the same tune. Our insides move to the same beat. We are dorks of a feather.

While we wait with anxious hearts for the new Depeche Mode to come out, ignoring that it has leaked all over the world, we planted ourselves firmly in the Joy Division camp.

We have a nearly nightly viewing of 'Control', where we sit and point out all the intricacies that only dorks would know. We discuss and debate. We toss about theories and suggestions.

In essence we are total freaking dorks. We own our dorktitude.

Last night, I watched and I talked. I pointed out what I'd not noticed before and what I had just read about to Jason. And then I looked at him and said, "I know, shut up, right?" He smiled and said, "No baby, I'm right there in the hole with you."

And indeed he is.

And indeed our son is as well.

Yes, we are the dorks who named our son after the lead singer of a band. A man who was weak and took his own life. That man was a poet though. And the tragic part about being such an artist and having the beauty of pain flow through your whole being is that how long can you truly live like that and deal with that? How lonely must that be?

Our almost two-year old asks for this song every day, over and over again. He sings it and he dances along to it.


Because he's got fucking dorks for parents.

Let me know if it does a thing for you.

I'm entirely captivated.

UPDATED: Also? I'm using the word 'nards' as much as possible today. It's getting weird. No one will join me.


for a different kind of girl said...

Perhaps it's cliche, but the way I figure it, the people who dork together stay together.

And that? That totally works for me.

Pare said...

"We are dorks of a feather."

Can I commandeer that for my upcoming wedding vows?

No, really.

Betsey Booms said...

FADKOG - Somehow I knew it would.

And Pare, babe, it's all yours. Commandeer away!

Rassles said...

Kidding me? That song is fucking awesome.

Not to burst your bubble or anything, but Joy Division is like, veryveryveryveryveryvery cool.

Rassles said...

So try harder to be a dork, okay? Damn, I love this dork stuff.

Gwen said...

I don't think you're a dork. But maybe that's because I am. My 3 year old daughter has loved Fleetwood Mac since she was a baby. I think it's so cute when kids are vocal about their opinions on music.

Miss Yvonne said...

This is obviously cool and not dorky because I don't get it. And I'm one of the hugest dorks around.

IB said...

Joy Division rocks you like a kick in the nards!

Betsey Booms said...

Who is my new favorite?

You are, IB!

Bluestreak said...

I discovered Joy Division just recently and can see your obsession with them. And when I discovered it, I thought I was all cool n shit, like, the opposite of a dork. So fuck, are you telling me I'm a dork?

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why I keep blogging. All the dorks, dorks just like me, and ones that are nothing like me, but all the dorks, nonetheless, in one convenient medium.

Sheri said...

Okay, my 5yo flipped her lid last night on the way home when Ceremony popped up on my iPod. My 10yo step-daughter also tell her 16yo step-brother at her mom's house how lame he is that he doesn't think Depeche Mode is awesome. Of course, her mom thinks we are only putting the devil's music in her head.

I knew there was a reason I liked you. I think my you guys and me and my hubby would all dork out nicely together.

formerly fun said...

Ginny's right, maybe we should have a dorkoff. Kinda like a dance off but not really.

I'll start, my husband's such a dork that my 1 1/2 year old bebe is positively captivated by Star Trek because dad pops one in(yes he has a bunch of dvds)whenever he's "watching" the bebe. Now if she's really upset and I hum or la di da the Star Trek theme, she calms down.

mongoliangirl said...

Like when Hellbilly wanted to tell me something was awesome earlier today but couldn't get the words out and we figured it out together...

Hellbilly - It was don't know how to explain it...
Me - Was it like eating some chocolaty goodness while a Billy Joel song that you know all the words to is playing in the background?
Hellbilly - Exactly! Yes!
Me - Man! That's awesome babe! I'm so glad you had that experience!


Calamity said...

I'm really despondent that I missed the whole nards thing.