Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Super Excellent Holiday Post!

Um, yeah.

I suspect that most of you are either already off on your great holiday adventures or prepping to head into all that family goodness, so I'm probably writing this to only lonely people or those who got screwed into being at work today and are jacking around just like me.

Suddenly, Jason and I find ourselves trying to figure out how to be two places at once on Christmas Eve, which is the end product of his hyper-organized family and mine, who are of the 'non-planning, ain't no minute like the last one' variety of kin. That's pretty much how our marriage rolls too.

It looks like it will be an earlier departure at one venue and a fashionably late entrance at the next. I can only hope* that our kid finds enough of the Christmas Spirit within his little body to allow us to do both without the great, screaming, kicking, biting, scratching, bucking like a baby bronco, toddler meltdown happening. *Please note that I recognize that these are high hopes and I'm not banking on it.

As I sit here on my last day of work before I break for 12 straight days, I'm trying to find the motivation to do wonderful and possibly magical things around the office, other than foraging for Diet Coke and bagels. You can guess how that is going (I'm full of Diet Coke and bagels). Instead, I'm mostly just rubbing my tongue over the jagged remains of 3/4's of a tooth that I finished breaking over the weekend. The day is gray and I'm sleepy. Those two things do not make me amazingly accomplished (they do evidently make me bloated though). I did get out an email reminding everyone else what they should be doing. I know, it's a gift.

So instead of schooling you on the miracle that was Baby Jesus or the Three Wise Men... I'm typing this kind of apathetic BS that surely makes the twinkle and glow of the holiday swirl about your soul and warms you like your very own, tiny, little miracle.

Am I right?

Of course I am. You don't have to tell me.

I guess in my own little misguided but well intentioned way, I'm wishing you all a very happy Christmas Eve Eve... Unless you don't celebrate Christmas and then I'm just wishing you a happy day in a very non-Christian and mostly I'm a heathen anyway sort of way. I know.

I'm awesome.

My husband tells me every day and of course he means it and isn't just saying it to me so that he can wrestle me into bed. I mean, that's why when we got married he said, "you're so freaking awesome and hot, of course I do!" And while I do have an over-active imagination that is mostly true. Kind of.

Where was I?


I've lost myself at this point. Happy Holidays from The Booms'.


Anonymous said...

You kill me!

I'm not working, but am jacking around NOT doing what I should be doing at home.

I'm awesome like that.

Merry Christmas, my friend!! Your friendship has meant so much to me this year :)

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

Ummmmm, you forgot Kwanzaa!

Mr. Booms said...

You are awesome and hot! Very hot! So hot, in fact, I may just wrestle you to the bed anyway!

Lily's Mommy said...

I totally got out and mailed my Christmas cards today. I rock. Also, I'm sitting here trying not to throw up the subway sandwich I had for lunch. Sigh. In other words, I have company coming for the holidays and my house is a mess and no presents are wrapped. I can't even get drunk.

I think I was trying to make myself feel better and that kind of backfired. Crap.

Happy holidays. :P

Pam said...

I had to work today too and it kind of sucked in the 'classroom full of crazy, way to excited about Christmas and presents and lots of days off, filled up with sugar and cookies' way. Oh, and that was just me. Then there were the kids

And - I think that it is totally awesome that Mr. Booms commented!

derfina said...

Don't know how I found you, but I like your blog! Happy Holidays.

Hedon said...

Hey Ms Booms!

Had to say hi as I've been reading over here for a while now and you've been totally cool what with entertaining me with no cover charge or anything.

Also, you're almost a home-town girl so you'd seriously rock even if you didn't already which you do already cause you're funny... oh forget it.

Merry Christmas or Happy Non-Religious-in-any-way-meeting-with-the-family day!

Betsey Booms said...

Kellie - You are awesome, my friend.

DPH - Did I forget it? Hmmmm.

Mr. Booms - You are very hot my man.

LM - I just mailed the last of my cards yesterday too. NO minute like the last one, eh?

Pam - Mr. Booms thinks it's totally awesome that he commented as well. LOL

Derfina - Glad you found me... stick around.

Hedon - Nice to meet you! Where the heck are you from?

Happy holiday all!

Hedon said...


I was born and raised down around Springfield. Not terribly close I guess but still close enough to count you as a local and go to battle with ya if some out-of-state gang starts messing with you.

I hope we get cool jackets like the Jets... or at least some cool theme music.

Betsey Booms said...

I used to hang out (drink) in Springfield when my best friend went to school there.

So yeah, basically we are totally in a gang.

I'm thinking jackets and perhaps a good booty house track to throw down to? I'll have Mr. Booms get right on that!

You know, now that there is a Bass Pro Shop in KC I don't have to go to Springfield to hang out with taxidermied animals anymore.