Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Life Lesson #525

Yesterday he was tired. Monday's do that to you and I got a few emails asking if the day was over yet when there were still hours to go. When I got home last night he was already in his pj's, finishing up our dinner. Toys were strewn about the house in the typical, everyday in kid haven way.

After dinner he cleaned the kitchen and set out most everything I would need to make the pies for the silly ass pie bake-off I'm in today. He got Crazyman into his pj's and while I gave our royal highness his bedtime milk, he peeled apple after apple for the pie that he wouldn't even eat.

When I got the little guy to bed and headed into the kitchen to start the pies, I quickly discovered that I didn't have enough sugar. Before I could finish saying, "I need to run to the store" I turned around to take off my apron and grab my shoes and purse, there he was standing there in his jeans and shoes, putting on his sweatshirt saying, "I'll go".

When he came back Crazyman was still protesting sleep. He took him into the bedroom and laid down with him for so long I had to come in and check on them. He then got Crazyman settled back into bed.

While the pies were baking he said, "you have your shows to watch" and he went downstairs to watch football, leaving me to relax in our darkened living room, fire going, in my big comfy sweater, petting the dog.

By 10:30 I pulled the last pie out of the oven and headed down to give him a good night kiss. The lights were off, the TV dark... He was asleep on the couch.

I tip-toed back upstairs and settled in to watch TV in bed until I dozed off, thinking he must really need to sleep.

This morning I found out when a man:

Makes dinner
Feeds and pj's the kids
Preps ingredients for pies he doesn't get to consume
Makes a last minute run to the store for ONE ingredient
Cuddles the little one to sleep when he says he doesn't need it
And then leaves you to watch your shows peacefully...

He doesn't want sleep.

He wants to be woken up.

With your head on his thigh.

My bad.


Robyn said...


Nothing like a little quid pro quo!

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

That was a hilarious post. Seriously.

And DUH!

Gerbil said...

well, I can guarantee it wouldn't have occurred to me either, if only because sleep is a rare commodity around here lately.

Blue Tissue Box said...

Of course!

Lara said...

Men ALWAYS want to be woken up. It's a fact of life.

Anonymous said...

He sounds like Rick.

Miss Merry Sunshine said...

Duh, I would have thought the same thing!!! He sounds pretty great :)

Anonymous said...

What a great husband!

And uh..yeah. Of course he wantes to be woken up with your head on his thigh. Duh.