Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The World Through Rose Colored Glasses

One day I was an idiot. I know, hard to believe it was just the one. But one day I was an idiot and left the house on a sunny Saturday without any sunglasses. As it turned out, I had to stop at the dollar store to pick up some cleaning supplies and decided to treat myself to some $3 sunglasses and a tub of candy corn.

The candy corn is now sitting, sloppily on my ass and thighs. The sunglasses look like something you'd see the woman with the black eye wearing on Lifetime. So I will forever keep them to hide my black eyes.

On top of that, they make the world look pretty. The Autumn leaves look brilliant in the day light and I thought how cool would it be to get a picture of that. I, like the rocket surgeon that I am, thought that if I put the camera up to the lens of the glasses, I could capture the effect.

For the record? I was wrong, very wrong... As usual. But here is what I got.


J said...

Your glasses make the world all black and white? Weird.

I missed you today. Where were you?

PS. I left you a present on my blog...

Vodka Mom said...

thank GOD there's another idiot in the wold. I thought i was the only one.

ghost of keywork said...


Anonymous said...

Between you and Vodka Mom, I don't feel alone any longer ;)