Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just Look At My Kid And Move On

It's a warm holiday sentiment straight from my heart to your screen. Here are some shots of my kid from his Halloween party yesterday.

I know. He's crazy cute.

And this is the only "group" shot he would kind of take part in (he's the one on the far right):

That was in between kicking leaves around and swatting at pumpkins.

He needs a hair cut and was a little weirded out by the paint on his hand. He just looked at her like, "okay, let me know when you don't need my hand anymore and I won't scream.":

And he's a hellion who just tolerates that costume:

He teaches the other kids how to eat a bag of leaves. I just looked at the other parents and said, "you're welcome" as he then ran out into the street:

He did sit still for a second:

And acted like a good little model baby:

Also? He wouldn't have anything to do with the actual trick or treating. He continued to run around, throwing a football. I think I saw him holding one of the other kids up for their candy a short time later.

I was so proud.


KaritaG said...

He is just so adorable! OMG! I want to squeeze him...

Anonymous said...

And you should raised him right. Those other parents should wish their kids were half as cool :)

J said...

Dude, he is getting so big!!!

Kat said...

Seriously? Cute.

Mine won't even try on his costume, so I'm just hoping that seeing other kids wearing them and getting candy will trigger some sign of recognition... and he'll put the damned thing on...

AmyBow said...

really, when did crazyman turn 8? he is so big!