Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I just spent part of my morning re-reading my surgeons credentials following a freak out moment over the weekend. As I was talking to my cousin-in-law about her surgery, she had brought up a conversation she had with her doctor. He told her to get a second opinion, but to be sure that whomever else she spoke to was board certified.

Well, duh. Who wouldn’t check to see if their plastic surgeon was board certified? I mean, I did, right? Didn’t I?

Didn’t I?

Deep breaths, I did, I did. It’s okay.

And of course I had. What the hell?

So here I am, reassured and left thinking about how my jeans are way too long to wear with these slides. The hem keeps getting caught between my heel and the bottom of my shoe, in a kind of callous, denim, man-made material hoagy.

Am I the deepest bitch you know, or what?

Speaking of deep, am I the only jerk that watched the new 90210 last night? I tuned in, apprehensive and half-heartedly. I spent the first two commercial breaks thinking how stupid it was and then? Then, I found myself sucked into the silly fucking plot and remembering the feeling of watching the show as a teen. And it’s the same damn show! I swear it is. And I love it. Monkeygirl watched with me and I got to explain who was who and how they were related to previous cast members.

And now it’s official!

I suck.


Does it give me any credibility as a human being that at 4:00 in the morning, Crazyman and I were watching a show about Rasputin?

No? Even if I leave out the fact that it did a fantastic job of putting us back to sleep?

I didn’t think so.

Okay, so I’m a shallow, silly twit.

There are worst things to be.

Like at the Republican National Convention.


Allie Bear said...

LOL, I wanted to watch 90210 but for some reason my Dish won't allow me to record CW shows, that means that I HAVE to be home on Monday nights at 7pm for Gossip Girl if I want to watch it. Tuesdays are my WW meetings so I suck and can't watch 90210. :(

Anne said...

I admit, I watched the show as well and I'll probably watch it
Good luck with the surgery!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to ignore what you said about the RNC, and say that I'm guilty of DVRing the new 90210. I haven't watched it yet. Thanks for the reminder!

J said...

Here I am, your main comment bitch!

I just wanted to say that I didnt watch 90210, because I would have no idea who those people are.

I wasn't allowed to watch 90210 as a kid.....


Anonymous said...

I was the biggest fan of, 90210, from beginning to end. My husband even watched the first two seasons. What a dork, I was, but I don't care. I forgot it was on last night and didn't DVR it, I was so pissed. So, it was good? I'm curious.

Good luck, tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I was obsessed over 90210 from the 90s.

I'm not a fan of modern remakes of shows that I loved like that. It's kind of like the feeling you have when your favorite character falls for a guy you know she shouldn't.
You're in front of the TV rooting, "NO no no!!"

OK....maybe I'm the only loser like that, but still.

Harleygurl said...

My husband and I would have to join that dork clun also. We watched the old together and well, now we are watching the new 90210! We were not impressed at first either then like you said, we were sucked right on in. Can;t wait for next week. Good Luck with the twins surgery!

Captain Steve said...

I only saw that last 20 minutes of it, and was confused and depressed that such a travesty had graced my DVR. Sadly, I still plan on DVRing Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill. Hypocrit, me?