Friday, September 26, 2008

Name My Zombie

Since I appear to be lacking focus and drive in my zombie naming career, I'm taking it to the streets. That's right, I may have just called you all hookers.

Name my zombie:

Cute, isn't she? Leave me a comment with what you think her name should be. The winner gets the glory of being the best sock zombie namer in the world, or some shit.

And I thought I'd leave you guys with a little slice of life in the Booms' household. Feel free to watch during this evening's debate if it ends up being entirely one-sided and all. Just ignore the really annoying way I say "what" and the brothel couch in the background.


Pare said...

For your very first zombie, I nominate...BETSEY. Really. It would be a little homage, just like Frankenstein.

Love the blood, btw.

J said...

OMG I loooooooove your brothel couch!

And I love your screaming child.

And I don't think that you say 'what' annoyingly.

Call me this weekend!!

ghost of keywork said...

Whore of Betsenstein.

Blue Tissue Box said...

Name it 'Fetch'.

Why? because playing fetch with kids who don't know that they are practicing to be their parents' gopher, is the fucking best thing ever. Believe me, I know, I get paid to train them! :)


Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

First, before we get to the rock mombie, I must say, I like the way you removed your Michelob Ultra from the table before your baby grabbed it! You make me so proud.

And I think you should name the rock mombie...I don't know. I'll have to think about it.

That Chick Over There said...

Um. Beavis.

Lara said...

Ok your kids may not be the right age for Captain underpants, but when I see the striped top on that zombie, I think underwear on the zombie's head.

So to me he looks like Captain Underpants zombie.

Kellie said...

Loving the moving of the beer. :) Loving the couch. Loving the kid. Loving you and your what. I just love it.

Another thing I'm loving? The sock zombie. I need one. I just decided I MUST get one. It's my mission to have one. She must be pretty and have a little bit of pink somewhere on her and she will be my buddy.

I can't name your's. Not yet. Lemme think. This could take a while :)

Captain Steve said...

Zilla the Zombie.

For some reason I fully expect it to be stomping down Tokyo at any given minute.

Lara said...

Oh. It's a girl zombie. Guess Captain Underpants is out.

What do you call a girl who wears her panties on her head?

Lisa..... said...

I'm pretty sure your house is cleaner than my house so points for you.

Kat said...

Zombie - Agatha.
But really I like Ghost's name better.

The sofa is cool. The kid is so freakin cute. I love how he still gives kisses and hugs and follows commands when he's crying his eyes out. Cute little booger.