Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'll be better, I promise

I've been a horrible blog friend lately. This? I know. I've been busy and self consumed. I suck.


Really awesome things have been happening and have been said about yours truly.

Like this.

Seriously. Isn't she the cutest damn girl ever? She might just have the best hook up ever in the apron realm. If you know what I mean... or something.

Also? I got this kind of press.

I have to say, this feels really damn good. So good in fact that I've taken this Friday off to work on aprons most of the day. I know, right?

So because I've been a horrible blogger friend and lousy with the comments here is my promise to you. If you leave me a comment on my blog, I will make it a point to head over to yours and leave some crazy comment love.


Also? I'm considering an apron giveaway.

I know, guilt works on me.


Pam said...

An apron giveaway....woo hoo- that would rock.

Don't sweet the no commenting love- I have been a comment slacker lately myself! We all go through those phases - no guilt needed!

Pam said...

sweet- damn it! I meant sweat. I can't friggin' type!

Lara said...

An apron give-away? How could anyone NOT go for that? Your aprons are awesome!

You weren't just teasing us so we'd comment, were you? ;)

I do have a question though... I haven't seen pictures of your half-aprons. Do you have any?

Anonymous said...

Hook a girl up! j/k

KaritaG said...

I definitely want to be entered in the apron giveaway! Where can I see this sushi roll apron that Ruby is talking about?!

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

Oh you haven't been a bad bloggy friend! You're busy...we're all busy!

Uh, I think an apron giveaway is an awesome idea!

Trouble said...

You are SUCH a talented girl. :)

I am Trish Marie said...

Oooooo what else can we guilt you into to! But I think you are forgiven for being busy.

And? The aprons kick ass.

Anonymous said...

No need to go girl!! (Are we still saying that??) :p

I love your aprons and would love to have one when I'm cooking up a storm in my kitchen,so a giveaway sounds awesome!

Kat said...

YEAH, baby, giveaway! But... I'll still buy one. I could need two. =)

Captain Steve said...

I'm trying to figure out if I could get my mum to wear an utterly adorable apron during Christmas cookie and candy making. Because I totally want one.