Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Never Really LIked You Anyway...

Jason and I were just walking to lunch and we passed by some random sitting on the side of the walkway eating pork rinds.

Pork Rind: Your girl's looking good there, man.

Jason: (In mid conversation about the record sale he just went to) - Yeah I know.

And Jason just keeps talking to me.

I'm giggling like a loon. Jason is still talking away, as we enter the restaurant:

Me: Doesn't that strike you as the little, tiniest bit odd?

Jason: Well yeah, if he says something else I might punch him in the face.

Me: Oh, okay, there you are. I wondered where you were for moment.

Would Jason really punch him in the face? Um, probably not... but would he say something like "Yeah, mind your own fucking business buddy." Um, probably.

My husband has this way of reacting to things that is totally different to the way I would do it. And in that moment he reacted exactly like I would have.

I mean this is the guy who became my hero when a guy he went to school with approached him as we were walking out of a club and just started talking to Jason. Jason did the polite listen/respond combo for a moment and then said "You know what? Go away, because I never really liked you anyway." after the guy didn't take his hint to move on. The dude continued talking as he followed us all the way to our car, which made me just stand there giggling again with my jaw hanging agape.

I really don't have any point here at all except it was funny and my husband has been so mellow these days. I was proud of him for his response today, but I am obviously a moron for finding so much humor in it.

After lunch, Jason walked me all the way to my office door. I thanked him for the walk. He kissed me and says "You got it, I didn't want some pork rind munching weirdo to get ya."


rubyredruca said...

How sweet! (The hubby, not the porkrind).There are always some bold weirdos out there.

J said...

LMAO! That is hilarious! I love it when guys act like that. Your hubby sounds so cool.

So it's Wednesday correct? And I haven't had any emails from you in my Inbox this week.

Do you still love me?

Anne said...

Husband sounds like a real cutie!
What are pork rinds anyways? I've never seen those here.

Lara said...

LOL I can see my oldest son turning out just like your hubby. He once got a phone call from a girl. She rambled on for a while, and when he grew impatient with it all, he asked her, "So, do you have anything else to say before I hang up?"

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

OMG, I love me some pork rinds...I would have tongued the guy just to get some of that sweet pig fat in my mouth.

What a sweet husband you have...

Kellie said...

The hubby? He's awesome.