Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The First Step Is Acceptance

I need to go to some sort of an anonymous step program for my eBay addiction.

However, I know that I'm horrible at following through on anything other than swearing and drinking too much so chances are I'd quit on the first step I found difficult.

Like number one.

If it has 12 steps then I'm screwed and I'll be right back to shopping on eBay, all sweaty with a cigarette hanging out my mouth yelling things like "that's my machine" to my mouse and co-workers who think I'm busy buying office supplies over here at my desk.

Who cares that I don't smoke. Once you start a program, drinking coffee and smoking become like breathing and eating. I'm not above following all the other sheep.

I have a whole pile of loot here. You'd think once I got it in the mail that would be the end of it. But seeing these envelopes with customs stickers on them from places like China and Singapore make me all jittery and when the item comes out of it all gorgeous and what not then I'm hooked. I'm right back there again.

I'm sick, very, very sick.

I might exaggerating slightly. Whatever