Wednesday, September 16, 2009

And By Hostage I Mean He's In The Basement Watching TV

When the mister and I were at lunch today we overheard a news story about someone being held hostage for 18 years. And he was all, "how can you be held hostage for 18 years"?

And that's when I said, "Easy, I've held you hostage for the last five. You call it marriage, I call it "hostage negotiation."

He laughed so he didn't believe me, but I have terms if anyone wants to hear them. My "husband" is being held hostage until at least one of the following things happens:

This man gets his own show:


They bring this show back with Sam still traveling:

or finally:

That's right, somebody needs to reanimate at least half of this picture and put a zombie ass Airwolf on the air. Mostly because there is nothing wrong with a reanimated Ernest Borgnine that I can figure out.

I feel the way you are looking at me and I don't know WHAT your problem is.

Oh and he's not REALLY being held hostage. I think he likes it here and the idea of these shows being on the air.

Also? There are not enough shows with eye patches these days.


I kind of think they missed the real opportunity with the movie Roadhouse, because Patrick Swayze and Sam Elliot wearing tight pants and kicking beer bottles out of ruffians hands was legendary.

If they just added a bearded Kenny Loggins to the crime fighting team we would have had the BEST action hero trio in history.

PS: Evidently I have to clarify, just because Ernest Borgnine is alive doesn't mean he doesn't need to be reanimated. Plus? Who wants to spell out Jan Micheal Vincent all the time? I have to use this joke more than once, you know.


erin said...

Did you ever see that Clive Barker movie with Bakula in it? I don't think Bakula is all that hot, but he's very ...charming? Likeable?

The Peach Tart said...

That would be the best action trio.

Brandy Rose said...

Mmmm, Sam Elliot...

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

Dude, he TOTALLY likes it. I mean, he could run away when he goes to work, but instead he totally comes back every day.

Also? Not nearly enough shows with eyepatches.

Ranting Reconteure said...

OH MY GOD. I completely agree. Bakula totally needs his own show. or QL needs to come back. It could. Sam Beckett never returned home.

Have you seen The Informant yet? All kinds of Bakula action.


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