Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Night Live Or Like You Have Anything Better To Do?

Tonight is the maiden voyage of BoomTube Live. The good news is that you can chat and interact with us while we broadcast. The bad news? Well, you can chat and interact with us and there is no editing and chances are cocktails will be involved.

You know, if you can call beer in a can a "cocktail". And you totally can. So if I'm all "Wooooooooh look at me!" you know why. Oh and it's my show, so suck it.

Then stay tuned for Skankelodeon with those lovable nutjobs the Dirty Pirate Hooker and Ghost of Keywork. Those crazy kids. I'd totally ruffle their hair and give them Popsicles if I could!

I've put buttons on the sidebar over there so I can't make it any easier, unless I come into your house and open your laptop and do this for you, people. And if I do that, you have to feed me. I eat a lot and I like everything fried.

We're on at 9pm Central. That's 10 Eastern and 7 Pacific for those of you that are lazy with the mathin' skills. I have to do everything around here. Gah!

One more thing. Saturday night is totally party night and no party is complete without tunes. (Who the hell says tunes anymore?) Well drugs and alcohol help too. But one of those is illegal and chances are the other one is too if you are actually still up at Midnight. Never one to judge, let's just move on. You can catch my husband Jason Booms, who is a very talented House DJ on his radio show, Droppin' The Boom. There is a button for that too.

So one of these days, I'll show up around this joint and not pimp a single thing. Oh I'll be ho slappin', but I won't be pimpin'.

If you're a ho, I'm sorry, that was uncalled for. I'm so crude, but let's be real, you're a ho. Someday? I'll see you in the dumpster behind my office. If your legs don't twitch or anything I'll call someone. But I'm not touching you! Grody.


Rassles said...

No offense, but I got so much shit to do it's like I'm drowning in a shitnami.

Organic Meatbag said...

*In a lispy voice*...Uhhhh, helllllooooo??? Who still says "tunes"? Looks like somebody didn't get the memo about SHOW TUNES!!! It's called Mamma Mia...ever heard of it??? Bitch..."

Miss Yvonne said...

I missed it. frowny face.

I'll be going over to watch it "un-live" though.

P.S. No, YOU'RE the ho.

P.P.S. My comebacks are amazing, right?