Wednesday, May 6, 2009

You Can Take The Boy Out Of Texas, But You Better Keep Frying His Food

Spending the last two days at home with the dude, now known as "Young Wheezy, gave me the opportunity to do something I don't get to do very often.

Make dinner.

I know. I'll be the first to tell you that in this arena I am one spoiled princess like girl. Not only does Jason cook daily, but he is a fantastic cook. Always coming up with new ideas, everything is always tasty and in no way pushes the lame envelope.

And, I used to be a great cook. I can still whip up some sauce that is high on the rad scale and and some mean, mushroom cloud laying enchiladas, but the thing is, I'm completely out of practice from being Mrs. Booms. And chubbier, I'm decidedly chubbier from being Mrs. Booms too.

Looking back on yesterday, I should have stuck with that box of stroganoff I almost put the hamburger slam on. Instead? I opted for lemon pepper talapia, pasta in a creamy Parmesan sauce and steamed green beans. Chances are this meal would have been pleasing to anyone else. Well anyone not from the state of Texas:

Me: What is that look on your face about?

Jason: (carefully not letting his tongue actually touch the fish) Nuffin'.

Me: Really? Could have fooled me, you hate it right?

Jason: (finally gulping it down his throat) Um, no. I mean, yeah. No.

Me: Oh hon, you are a red meat guy. I'm sorry.

Jason: It's okay, I just don't think I'm a "fish" guy.

Me: Really? What if it was fried and oh, I don't know, called catfish?

Jason: Good point, you can fry anything and I'd eat it.

Me: Well how about those turkey corn dogs with the multi-grain coating?

Jason: I'm not touching those.

And that's fine by me, I like to eat them and pretend I'm a drunken hepatitis ridden carnie that runs a dangerous ride that's never been inspected.

I'm just a dreamer like that.


Blues said...

well, you're lookin pretty good in your profile pic to me.

Logical Libby said...

I don't even think frying can really help the taste of catfish...

ghost of keywork said...

Yeah, Texans don't do 'Tilapia'. Too fishy. And there is nothing on this planet that a good deep frying can't help, Libby. Trust me.

for a different kind of girl said...

The other night, I fed my kids popcorn shrimp that had been in my freezer for about a year, but I felt compelled to tell them it was chicken that just tasted a little off. I don't know why. Sometimes I guess I just like to mix things up around here.

ghost of keywork said...

Space Marine out.

Miss Yvonne said...

The fried catfish thing is totally true...everyone from Texas loves it. It's like a requirement from birth or something. People here look at me weird when I say I hate fried catfish. I'm pretty sure they want to run my Yankee ass out on a rail.

Miss Merry Sunshine said...

Now I want some effing have an amazing rack...I am so jealous!!

Jason Booms said...

Miss Yvonne, you better not hate sweet tea too..?

Gypsy said...

Mmmmm... fried fish.