Friday, March 13, 2009

My Radio And The Car Guy Thought I Was A Jerk

Disclaimer: I'm pretty sure this is how this call went yesterday.

The rad thing about owning a Honda is that when your battery dies, you have to reset a code or you don't get the privilege of listening to your radio.

The rad thing about working in the Honda service department yesterday was talking to me.

They got to do it twice.

Me: Hey, uh yeah. So I have this car and it died. And now the radio is just looking at me like I'm a jerk.

Honda Guy 1: What?

Me: My radio, looks at me like I'm a jerk. Am I supposed to have some kind of code? You know, I had to jump start my car now the radio does not work!

HG1: Oh, well yeah, there's a sticker in your glove box with a code on it.

Me: That's negatory.

HG1: What?

Me: No sticker.

HG1: Well lady without that sticker I can't help you much now can I? Besides, we don't give codes over the phone.

I knew this was total bullshit and this guy was just annoyed.

HG1: Are you in your car now?

Me: No.

HG1: Can't really help you.

Me: Can't really like you.

He didn't care.

Yeah, so I go out to my extremely moody car that just looked at me like what now? Haven't we been through enough? And I flip open her glove box and she was all, "Really? We have to do this now?" And there is a freaking sticker with a number in there that I guess Jason couldn't find the last time he needed it.

So I called Honda back. They were stoked.

Me: Yeah, so it's cold, I'm sitting in my car. It's screaming at me for a code and I have this code so what do I do?

HG2: What?

Me: My CAR! It wants some kind of a code, I have a code, you tell me what to do with it?

HG2: You push it into the presets.

Me: Right and how do I do that?

HG2: YOU. PUSH. THE. BUTTONS. If it says six, you push six.

Me: Thanks Honda Guy, but here's the thing, there are like nines and eights. How do I make that magic happen?

HG2: What?

Me: Nines and EIGHTS! They come after seven and before ten. My presets go up to six.

HG2: Where did you get the code.

Me: I can't help but think if you were a robot this would be easier. From the sticker inside my car.

HG2: Oh, that's something else, I put that number into my smart box and it spits out a code.

Me: Is the smart box a robot?

HG2: No?

Me: Is it smarter than you or me?

HG2: Possibly.

Me: SEE! Robot. Watch out for that thing it's going to take over the world.

HG2: Uh... the code is blah blah blah.

Me: Okay, pushing it in and nothing.

HG2: Nothing?

Me: Okay, error message.

HG2: Lady, this isn't hard you just push the buttons.

Me: I can't push the buttons any differently. I push buttons all day long, these buttons hate me. Can you even imagine the devastation this is causing my very vulnerable psyche? I can't imagine that you and your smart box do.

HG2: Okay, yeah, I can't help you right now. You have to pull the fuse or the battery. If you want help with that, come on in.

Me: If I come in will you be happier and more robot like?


So it turns out that I just entered that code one more time and it worked. I wanted to call Honda Guy back to let him know.

Honda Guy didn't answer the phone.


rachie! said...

LMAO - yes I'm too lazy to type it out. Deal.
My mom's car had a code in the glovebox that was a fake code, and then a code on the bottom of the ashtray that was the real code! Like they were just trying to fuck with you or something with the fake glovebox code.

Lisa..... said...

Ha! Thanks for that.

I needs some humor now that I haven't worked the last TWO DAYS and I am going to be broke.

Rassles said...

Fucking Honda and their non-robots. Real people piss me off.

Rassles said...

Unless they are werewolves.

Betsey Booms said...

Or Scary German Guys - They're bitchin'.

Chris said...

Honda guy needs to get laid. Loosen up and go with the flow. Bring the funny.

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

LMAO, this is my most favorite post of yours ever. Oh, and I love these comments better than the pop up window. In case you care.


Miss Yvonne said...

Honda Guy is a douchebag. Call him up and tell him I said so.

Also, where's the time machine???

Shawna said...

Talk about bitchin' - I have stumbled upon possibly the best website ever - mcphee dot com. They have a remote control zombie and bacon flavored gum. I tell no lies.

Anonymous said...

WTF dude, that guy was so rude to you! I would have demanded to talk to his manager!

Rassles said...

Ahhh, zeh Germans.

mongoliangirl said...

Ummmmm...Service Department people. Fuckers. If I was a Federal Prosecutor I would charge them all under the Federal RICO Act and watch them fall like the piece of shit house of cards they are.

Wunderwoman said...

OMG, I've thought this plenty of times, just haven't been brave enough to actually say it. Thanks I am LMAO

for a different kind of girl said...

Guess who has had the very same conversation with her (or should I say 'their' to protect the innocent...) Internet service provider! Before I (um...'they') had a wireless router, some unfortunate ISP representative was quite insistent said person had a wireless router with buttons to push, despite my (*maybe* my) insistence that wasn't the case.

Robots. Sigh...

Hedon said...

I want a robot truck. One that drives itself from shipper to delivery. Or at the very least a cool code somewhere. Or a code to activate the robot trucker.

And pancakes. Lots of pancakes.

Sarah said...

Awesome post! Too funny.