Monday, December 29, 2008

Why Being Home With The Kids Rocks - Day 6

So far today, Crazyman has been smacked in the head twice. Once, I did it by accident, taking away the tunnel toy he was chasing the dog around with and then again when he got mad at me and smacked himself in the head with a block. The instant crying and welt that followed pretty much guarantee his head smacking is done for the day. Unless the dog gets wise to the ways of head smacking.

I would totally whore my holiday loot for you except that I left my cable for my camera in my desk at work so I can't load any pictures. As usual, it's obvious how I'm always thinking ahead.

However, I did put my camera phone to work for you to showcase the horrendous crime that was committed.

First let me introduce to you to the perpetrator:

That's right I'm the most mature candy eater ever. And for my immature pallette that caused me to run with the wrong candy crowd, I was punished in true crime story fashion. I imagine Bill Kurtis will have a hay day telling you this tale of woe. The victim:

That hazy picture is a snapshot of the chunk of matter that is now missing from my tooth. I'd show the gaping hole but alas, camera phones don't capture dental crime scenes very well. While the DNA evidence is still be tested in the lab, the sugary dusting and sour gelatenous coating pretty much seal the deal and those little bastards are going to be serving a life sentence in the local dump.

And yes, I've been falling asleep every night to episodes of Forensic Files and Dateline on ID.



Lisa..... said...

I have a great amount of sympathy for you. I hate, HATE, HATE the dentist. Ask for drugs.

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

OMG, what a pain in the ass! Does it hurt?

Pam said...

Ah- Crazyman....Riley- it is like one in the same.

I love Sour Patch Kids....some tastes are just meant to be eaten, no matter the age.

Ah! The tooth! Sorry girl! That doesn't look fun at all- I sure hope that goes well for you and isn't too painful!

That Chick Over There said...

Oh LAWDY. Bless your heart.

Immoral Matriarch said...

Wait - a soft little sour patch kid did THAT?? 'the hell was in that thing?!