Monday, September 22, 2008

And On It Goes

I know it's been all sorts of lame in these parts lately. And how do I know this? Besides from my acute self-awareness that is especially keen on my total suckage, the small numbers of people actually entering my give away of an apron that will be made with my heart and soul, is a big tip off.

Seriously? If you haven't entered, do it now, bitches. And then again every day until the end of the week? Or? I'm just going to give it away to whoever kisses my butt the most. A girl can always use a little ass-kissing.

Speaking of ass-kissing or licking rather - I promised someone that I would TRY to get a shot of the face that resembles a cat that just licked it's own ass at a wedding that I attended this weekend. I wasn't able to...

But enough about the bride, back to me or Mr. Booms in this case, looking dapper in his suit:

And me in my borrowed dress:

And my friend, Angela, seeing my boobs for the first time:

And then she got over the excitement:

And then the mourning began. He's just on the verge of wiping away the tear that he shed over the marriage of one of his best buddies...

In between beers, Mr. Booms showed me some love:

And then continued drinking... a lot:

Never one to let photography take away from my partying and drawing of dirty pictures, that's pretty much it. On top of that? I was so lazy I didn't even bother to remove the red eye. Yes, I'm possessed in every single shot.

So I didn't want to disappoint you by ending the wave of loserish lameness I've had going on around here. Glad I could keep up the sucky work with another sucky post.

Happy week.


KaritaG said...

Dude, your boobs look awesome. So do your friend's actually. And, I totally didn't realize we could enter more than once. Do I have to mention it on my blog every time I enter?

Anne said...

You both looked awesome!
Wish I could enter but I live in Canada :(

chichimommy said...

What a handsome couple! You look great in your dress with your new ACCESSORIES. :)

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

damn you for not getting cat butt sniffing face, damn you!

Mr. Booms looks hot, but not as hot as you...nice boobs.

J said...

Tell the Mister that I plan on joining him in the kitchen someday.

I will enter it, I promise.

Blue Tissue Box said...

You guys are beautiful!! :)

Rebecka said...

Nice pictures!
Your boobs look nice too!
Enjoy them!

Kat said...

You both look TOTALLY HOT! Nice booms. =)

I actually want to BUY an apron from your awesomeness. I was gonna, then didn't see any on etsy, and... well.. I want one, but feels like cheating to try to get one for free when I want to buy one.. hmm... two... two fabulous aprons by Betsy Booms.

Lily's Mommy said...

Yes, your ta-tas look ta-riffic!

I couldn't help myself.

Sorry I haven't entered the contest but I don't use aprons. If I do put mine on, it's because it's a scary black wiccan one and I want someone to do the dishes.

I'm just pretty clothes-less around the house. Although, wearing only an apron to cook.... hmmmm

Maggie, Dammit said...

OMG your husband is hot but you are TOTALLY AMAZING. You look all... I don't know, natural! Proportioned! I wasn't expecting that... you just look really, really beautiful, girl.

Lisa said...

I love your blog. We just got the internet back, so I haven't gotten to read since before you had your surgery. You look great! Very natural. And I LOVED the Judgement Day post. Judgment? anyway, I missed ya!

Captain Steve said...

Cute dress!~