Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Which Way Will It Go?

Here it is a Wednesday morning. Not unlike any other Wednesday morning except that it was supposed to be my Friday morning. Until yesterday I was pretty sure that this was the last week Crazyman went to his current baby sitter. With all the information that Jason had given me it seemed that it was. When we spoke to the new sitter we spoke in terms of the other's last week and how her first week would fall in after that. Never mentioning the date because we all knew the date.



So I had taken a few days off this week to spend with Crazyman before he made the big change. When I told her yesterday that today would be the last day she looked crestfallen. When she asked why and I explained she told me and then it was my turn to be entirely turned inside out with disappointment.

I'd have to work a full week.

So here I sit in a dress that rivals pajamas in it's comfort and professional appearance. I just got done responding to an email from my mom telling me that she has to work the weekend of a wedding I barely want to attend anyway. But that she and my dad would take the kids to dinner and then my sister would be over to watch the kids.

Who could argue with that? I told her as much and then finished up the email with a quick and brief paragraph informing her of my impending boob job.

I have no expectations on the reaction. It could go either way. In the end, it affects me little except for the level of eye rolling I have to perform when relaying the story to my husband and sister. I'm an expert eye roller and was once even fired for the offense. You just have to know I'm rolling my eyes even as I write that. It turns out that I gesture with my eyes. You know how some people hack the air with their hands when they speak? I happen to have overly developed eye muscles from the amount of gesturing I do with my eyes.

So it goes.

Finally today I tell you that my husband in a desperate flight went to Walgreen's to get my meds over the weekend. Luckily, I can only assume for him, it isn't one that takes weeks to go into effect. The days following his trek to the drugstore have been rivaling blissful. The sense of calm I feel is shocking and I no longer threaten to rip faces off. Truly, I would have hated for all of you to see me on the national news when they tragically reported of the crazed blonde PMS'r in KC that went on a facing tearing off rampage.

It would have been ugly for all. And seeing my blood soaked nightgown-dress would have been news worthy enough without the camera man capturing my crazy, eye-rolling antics happening just above the neckline as I shouted about how Wednesday is supposed to be the new Friday.

I'm here, working the whole week, calm, comfortable and awaiting an email from my mom which will have content in it that won't change anything I'm going to do but still the neurotic teenager in me that always wanted her approval wonders which way it will go.


KaritaG said...

I can't wait to hear what your mom says.

I'm an expert eye-roller also.

I blame it on my mom! :)

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

I'm also guilty of a little eye rolling from time to time. And when I say 'from time to time', I mean every hour of the day.

Yeah, I'm excited to hear what the mom says about the boobs.

Is Monkey Girl coming home soon?

ALF said...

I got detention once in high school for rolling my eyes at my physics teacher.

Anonymous said...

One of Jimmy's biggest "issues" with me is my eye rolling. And by issues I mean it's totally HIS issue. It's either I roll my eyes or flip him the bird.

Do post on your Mom's reaction.

For real.

Pam said...

I'm an eye roller too and I see that I am teaching my daughter to be an eye roller as well. Sorry you have to work the whole week. Hope your mom is supportive. I applaud you. I wouldn't even tell my parents.

Stephanie said...

Wow, you're still a neurotic teen looking for the approval of your mom? SO am I :P