Monday, August 18, 2008

Love For Mama

After an entire day of running into the the backsides of people with their heads up their asses that simply stop in a major lane of foot traffic and getting a major case of swamp crotch because I thought it might just be cool enough to wear jeans (it wasn't) - Here is the gift my kid gave me for my birthday after we took him to the zoo all day.

The only way I got him to stop was when I showed him the video back he seemed concerned about himself and there was obvious injustice in the fact that we filmed it instead of stopping the world to let them know that he was miserable.

For the record we were stopping to get him milk because we are obvious terrorists like that.

There were better moments. Like this one:

Which made his accountant father giddy. He loves climbing up to the table now and as a matter of fact yesterday I walked into the dining room only to find him up on top of the table. If he'd been dancing on top of that table I might think some of my genes made the cut in his make up. But seriously? His father all the way.


I obviously was a mere incubator in his formation.


KaritaG said...

What a present, huh?! And, yes, he does seem to be the spitting image of your husband...though I see you in him too, for sure!

J said...

That smile of his kills me! He looks so much like you, and then so much like Jason. How cute!

The crying, not so cute, huh? LOL.

Allie Bear said...

He has your cheeks...and possibly your temper? LOL

Anonymous said...

What a cutiepie!

Maggie, Dammit said...

God he is cute.

Anonymous said...

Uh, yeah. He is a spitting image of his daddy.

I swear I'm learning a whole new vocabulary from you and I love it!!

I guess that's what I get for confining myself to my house and not having relationships with people outside of my hubsy and son. Neither of them are gonna use the term "swamp crotch."

Thank you.

Robyn said...

Yes, my accountant husband smiles ear-to-ear every time he hears Bear count to 20 (even though he always misses 14 and five-teen).

If he wasn't so cute, he'd be such a dork (mine, not yours -- although, yours is pretty cute, too).