Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Here I Am

And it is a better day.

Life with Crazyman has been ultra cute lately. At night before he goes to bed he has to run around the house like a - well, crazy man. His daddy chases him and the giggling fills the house through the evening hours.

His hugs are getting bigger, his laughter stronger and his smile brighter. When you ask him how old he is he puts up one little chubby finger and then claps for his great accomplishment. If you ask where his mind is or how does he think, the same chubby finger finds his temple and the big, gap-toothed smile happens.

He walks around, giggling like a little loon. His head thrown back, clapping at nothing but his own thoughts and then he stomps off down the hall with those heavy, flat baby feet.

With Mar gone to visit her dad's family, he says "thissy" and points at her picture on the mantle.

The football only leaves his hands as he tosses it around the room. He even carefully looks to align his fingers on the laces, pats the ball with his other hand, cocks his arm back with the other in front like a little baby Heismann trophy and tosses away. His form is impeccible for 14 months and the distance is amazing.

If I say "love you" he wraps chubby baby arms around my head and leans in for slobbery kisses. If he whacks you with his baby baseball bat he then kisses your boo-boo to show that he's sorry.

Everyday we re-discover belly buttons. Everyone HAS to do this. If you don't show it willingly your shirt WILL be yanked up with a spitty "Wuzz Zat" and that same darn finger being poked into your naval.

This weekend he was sitting on the floor with daddy, being super cute and cuddly. Jason squeezed him just a little tighter, looked at me and said "thank you".

I have some nerve being upset about anything. Don't I?


KaritaG said...

That was adorable. Your husband and Crazyman are adorable. But I still think you can be upset if you want! I am glad your week is getting better!

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

I agree that you can be upset if you want. But that does sound pretty amazing.

You're a lucky woman.

J said...

Aww how sweet. You are a lucky girl, but even lucky girls get to be upset every once in a while!

Allie Bear said...

I think it's good that you realize your life is great with Jason, Marley and Ian but that doesn't mean you are perfect and no one expects you to be. Everyone is allowed to feel down no matter how great their life is, feelings and emotions are complex. If only a great family equaled a completely happy person...if only.

Anonymous said...

Everybody has there good days and bad.. at least you know how lucky you are.

Anonymous said...

Every little moment like that makes me smile brightly!!!

I love when Aidan wants to smack my belly to watch it jiggle (yeah, it jiggles) and when he likes to poke his finger in my belly button.

It's the cutest.

Except his little fingers aren't chubby. :)

Kat said...

Awesome.... Jason rocks for that.

I think its normal to want more, to want to be better, do better, be more. Wish I could say, "don't beat yourself up" and have it work like magic.