Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Time To Relax

Last Friday I sent off my first two aprons. My first official order.

I spent all weekend with the nervousness just right behind everything else, hoping they would be received well.

This morning I have an email that says they are awesome! Whew!

Pair that with the fact that I just laid in bed last night and started watching the 'How I Met Your Mother' Season One DVD that my sister's fiance let me borrow and I'm almost good as new.

I frikking love that show. Ted Mosby is the most charming douche bag.

I'm still running on empty today but I'm creeping towards being back to non-exhausted normal. Between aprons, wedding hair and houseguests, I pulled out a calendar yesterday to start keeping track of this stuff.

I'm off to suck down some Diet Coke. I'm off chocolate right now. I've cut out candy and snacking.

Why must I punish myself like this???


J said...

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??!?!? No peanut butter cups?

I will have to pick up your slack, I see.

rubyredruca said...

I've been doing the same thing, but it's been giving me the opposite effect of what I was intending. I can't zip up my pants anymore, it's freakin' weird!