Wednesday, June 11, 2008

If You're Too Lazy To Do It With Words...

Then do it with pictures, yo.

After 4-days of a sick Crazyman, I've had time to ponder while, you know... mothering.

Some things I've thought of.

I'm no longer "just not a skinny girl" I've always just been happy being me and not being "totally skinny" and now it's beyond on that. When I look at pictures I see I'm actually on the last train to Fatsville. And I'm getting off this bitch. I'm stepping up my game, feeding everyone else the cupcakes and getting busy.

Really. I kind of mean that or something.

And this is going to be really hard for me because I also realized that:

Happiness is...


And spaghetti happiness isn't real unless you actually roll the pasta all the way up your chubby, naked belly to get it to your mouth

And the only thing that tops spaghetti happiness is obviously ice cream happiness

Or maybe doing the Blue's Clue's Skadoo because mom fed you a cupcake

So after that pondering I've come to the conclusion. I'm not going to stop eating any time soon. It's just too much fun. I better start moving my big, funky ass.


gina said...

There'll be time for dieting when the kiddies are grown- BTW- your's is a CUTIE!

ajillofalltrades said...

I love eating, too!! Especially spaghetti - it's my favorite!

He does have a chubby little belly!

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

You're not fat! You're hot.

I think every mother has a spaghetti shot of her kids. I have lots too. I hate that it stains their face though and they go around looking like they have jaundice or something, LOL

Betsey Booms said...

Gina - How right you are. Screw it, I'll be skinny when I'm old.

Jill - Spaghetti is the cat's pajamas or meow or something else cat like.

His belly is like is mama's.

DPH - I look smashing from the waist up when photographed creatively.

Otherwise... ARF.

Captain Steve said...

You know, it's not fun unles you wear as much as you eat.