Monday, June 30, 2008

Help me out here

They have always been there and I've always done my best to ignore them since I've never really dealt with them. And by even writing this I'm probably opening myself up.

But let's be real, I don't have enough readers to attract a ton of crazies anyway.

Some of my bloggin' friends have been attacked pretty hard core by some anonymous and not so anonymous commenters. It's happening left and right.

All I gotta say is what the fuck?


If you don't like it, quit reading. Why are you waisting your time like this? Do we not have enough hate in the world without spewing it out in the one place where we can be faceless if want to be. Where we can spill it and quit letting our worries and our doubts taint our lives.

A place where we can let ourselves go and face our own demons, struggles, challenges or more importantly share our joy, love and brag just a little.

And instead of a Utopia where we can bare our souls, the nastiness of the real world has to creep in and jab and poke. To call names and cast stones.

Where did we lose the general rule of life that says if you don't have anything nice to say then just shut the hell up.

I don't know why the net has been so attacking lately but it really breaks my heart for those of you that are my friends and have been touched by this ugly.

This is me saying the opposite of "bring it." I think what I'm actually saying is "stick it."

Maybe the next time you're reading something that strikes a chord, "you" might want to think of just powering down and going and looking hard at your own life.

And for the love of Peter Rabbit folks, just keep the shit to your damn self.


J said...

I don't like mean people, either. Well I guess no one really likes mean people. Except mean people.

What was I saying?

Oh yes, I enjoy you telling people to stick it. How do you come up with 2 blogs in one day? I can't even think of one.

Wait, I just did.

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

amen sister!

LunaNik said...

Haters have been running rampant around the blogosphere lately. It's ridiculous. You're so right, if they don't like what they're reading they should just click thru to the next site. It's really that simple. Those that chose to open their big fucking mouths just to be mean, do indeed need to take a good long lookie in the mirror cuz there's something wrong all up in there.

Cuddly little Cactus said...

Stick it indeed!

I am Trish Marie said...

I just don't get it. Really. I'll give them the same advice I give my seven-year-old.

I know it can't make you feel better to act that way. So, think about how you are acting and how you are feeling when you are acting that way. If you want to feel better, then you have to change your actions.

Trouble said...

Here's my advice: drugs work. get some. That's to the haters and/or anyone else to whom it applies.


the effexor-medicated and greatly improved Trouble

Rebecka said...

You go.

People are such asses in this world.

KaritaG said...

I agree. What I don't understand is how people have time to read all of the blogs they are hating on?! I hardly have time to read all the ones I actually like!

Anonymous said...

I second that!

Anonymous said...

My last battle with a troll comment sucked wind. I hated admitting how much it bothered me, but eh...what the hell ever. She can lump it in my book.