Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Doo on Cornbread.

Today is a special day. It's my wonderfully, goofbally daughter's NINTH freaking birthday.



And yesterday? Was my second wedding anniversary.

That means I've officially been married to my hubs for OVER 2-years now. Holla.

So what better to celebrate two kick ass days than...

You guessed it - Freaking cupcakes.

Over the weekend I made a vow that I would not make cupcakes from mixes ever again. Cupcakes should be made with love, not chemicals, right?

Trust me, I'm right.

This also, oddly, inspired Jason to start making his own barbecue sauce.

So I asked the hubs what kind of cupcake he wanted. His response, I should have known it would be, yellow with chocolate frosting. He's a simple man.

It's not my favorite cupcake, but as I have already established, I have to feed the cupcakes to others, not to myself.


So I looked in the cabinet and I found this.

Oh hell no.

Besides, it was like expired anyway. So I made hubs pick up a few things from the store and when I wrote down unsweetened cocoa, I think he got a bit nervous thinking he wouldn't be able to find it. I assured him it was easy though... So I started.

And I mixed and mixed and then this happened:

So I baked that and do you know what happened next?

Weird, flat cupcakes. Um, okay. Awesome?

And then I mixed and mixed some more. Seriously? A POUND of confectioner's sugar. Who am I to argue? And then? I put that in a bag:

So then I squeezed the pound of sugar and chocolate onto the tops of my weird, flat cupcakes. Not too pretty because, I don't actually have the decorating tips yet. But I will. Soon. So instead, it looks a little like fake doo on top of cornbread or something:

But they didn't taste like doo on cornbread. Nope... They made Bear Skadoo.

Ultimately, I was not thrilled with this whole thing. The recipe sucked. The frosting looked like shit.


But it tasted freaking awesome.

And there are better days to come.

And more unnecessarily long, detailed posts as well, I imagine.


Immoral Matriarch said...

It looked good to me. If the chocolate I eat didn't cost $5 a bar, I'd be making some RIGHT now. I'm such a pig.

I am Trish Marie said...

My mom got a cookie press one year for Christmas. We dug right in, making the cookie dough, and setting it up. But then? It just plopped out these poo looking things. And Jill, who was about three at the time, kept screaming, "Making Christmas poo is NOT OKAY!" But the Christmas poo cookies tasted yummy!

Captain Steve said...

What is it with boys and yellow cake with chocolate frosting? That is my baby brother's favorite cake, which is just odd. But he doesn't like his german chocolate cake with coconut either. freak.

Anonymous said...

Ha!! I've had some crazy ass looking cupcakes before that I wouldn't dare eat, but I did anyways just because it was a cupcake and they SMELLED good. :)

Rebecka said...

Cupcakes. Yum.
I make nothing from a box. Ew.
And Crazyman is adorable. He looks so innocent.
And I seen the diet coke.