Monday, May 19, 2008

Today Is The Day...

...That I'm going to see The Cure! How fucking awesome is that?

This weekend was Crazyman's first birthday party. And that kid? Can eat a cupcake like nobody I've ever seen before. He rocked it. The battery in my camera died, so I'll have pics tomorrow.

And he did manage to start walking before his first birthday. His actual birthday is this Thursday. He spent a good amount of time cruising back and forth between the hubs and I on Saturday with his whole party cheering him on.

Like a rock star.

My house looked like there had been a frat party instead of a first birthday. It was disasterfied.

So with that, I'm going to go and try to stay awake all day until I get to see a really large and in charge Robert Smith rock the joint.

Happy days.


Janocide said...

The Cure? Kick ass! Go Crazyman, GO!

Love Bites said...

You so rock. i'm sooooo fucking jealous. I wish I lived in a REAL city where the cure comes to play.

Kat said...

Hey! Go Crazyman with your badass walking self!
And The Cure... awesome... have fun!