Tuesday, June 5, 2007

About Me

My husband acts like if he has to spend just 5 more minutes with my sense of humor he might just go berserker.

And mostly I consider the sense of mystery shrouding when exactly he will go berserker to be kind of awesome.

I use question marks beyond what is commonly acceptable and think shivs, zombies, Teen Wolf and robots are the tits.

As a matter of fact, let me provide a little key to reading my blog. I write about a few things a lot.

Zombies - I have a weird fascination with zombies.

Robots - They are crazy cool and when they take over the world I want to be on their good side.

Shivs - When robots take over the world, or I end up in prison because of something Jason has done, I will want to be as schooled on shivs as possible. So I talk about those a lot. I'm still not down with how to keister stash one though.

Joaquin Phoenix - I don't know. He's just really weird and cool. That's all.

Teen Wolf - Teen Wolf will be saving the world when the robots take over. It's the only explanation for why Teen Wolf has had a resurgence and this is the Year of Teen Wolf.

Air-punching - It's the universal signal for kicking fucking ass. Who doesn't get this?

Being a rail riding, breakdancing hobo who is a master of skullfuckery - Wow, that's kind of a long story.

Billy Idol - The king of air-punching.

Other random things:

Kenny Rogers
Wolf Nuggets
Monster Squad
Mr. T
Nacho Ninjas
Kenny Loggins

You know, looking over this list I now realize there is no real help for me. My mind is a strange and dark place. Which is mostly okay by me, but if you're reading my blog and enjoying it, you are screwed.

I'm the mother of 3 rad kids, with two of them still here with me.

We lost Jadon 3 years ago.

Still living and laughing at my own jokes because everyone should know their audience.


Phil said...

Wow. There is an awful lot on this list that makes me think we could be long lost soul mates. Primarily, the inclusion of Kenny Rogers. I imagine Kenny is a grown-up Teen Wolf, but I have yet to prove it.